Thursday, October 20, 2011

Connecting the router from the GNS3 to physical network

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Just want to apologize for my English. I am from Belarus and if there are errors, then feel free to write about them, I will correct them :).
Today I want to tell you about how to connect a virtual router in GNS3 to physical network. If you need it or you simply want to practice, I invite all of you …

Doing that very easy.
As an network adapter, I'll use a virtual network adapter windows (loopback network adapter). To begin, let’s create it :).
Windows 7 have a little feature. Virtual network adapter you can’t create with standard procedure (Control panel -- Hardware and sound -- Add devices). You need to use special wizard. For launching this wizard you may use a command line interface (cmd) or item «Run» from menu «Start». So, run cmd.exe and enter the command hdwwiz:

Add New Hardware Wizard will start:

Click on «Next» and select item «Install the hardware that I manually select from a list». From list select item «Network adapters»:

Click «Next». Choose «Microsoft» and «Microsoft Loopback Adapter» in next window:

Click «Next» twice, the network adapter will be installed. On last window click «Finish». Now this adapter you can see in the list:

Now, launch our program GNS3. Add any devices (I choose cisco 3640) and «cloud». If you don’t know how do this, see that post. As a result, you should have something like this:

Let’s configure our devices. How configure router I was tell you in previous post (put Slot NM-1FE-TX), but a cloud we configure now :). Click right mouse button on «cloud» and go to item «Configure»:

On tab «NIO Ethernet» in drop down menu select interface that we need (I remind you that it is our windows loopback interface) and click «Add». After that interface should be in the list:

Click «Apply» and then «OK». That’s all, configuring «cloud» is over. Now, let’s connect our scheme elements. Here is a working scheme you should get:

Run our router, connect to him by console and make the following small adjustments:
  • R1>enable
    R1#configure terminal
    R1(config)#interface fastEthernet 0/0
    R1(config-if)#ip address
    R1(config-if)#no shutdown
After configuration save the project. Check up, that the router configuration was saved. It will be visible in a program primary window under the circuit (a window "Console"):

Now, we pass to adjustment of our loopback adapter. We go to the list of our network adapters on PC, select necessary to us and go into its properties for adjustment its IP - address:

Specify IP – address, a mask Click «OK» and then "Close".
All is ready for check. Now, you must launch the cmd.exe and try to ping our router. Then, return in a router console and ping our interface on the computer:

I congratulate you!!!! We connected the virtual router to a real (physical) network.
GNS3 It is possible to connect not only to the real computer, but also to VMWare. Where, it is possible to adjust your own networks. But, it is already extensive subject for following posts.
On this step, I want to finish my post. Thanks for attention, I hope, you have received for yourselves the helpful information.

If you have a questions or comments, then do not be afraid to write me!!!! This is my contact information. I will pleased to answer!!!!

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