Friday, October 21, 2011

Router configuration in GNS3 are not saved

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Just want to apologize for my English. I am from Belarus and if there are errors, then feel free to write about them, I will correct them :).
By working with GNS3, I has found one problem. I has added a router 3700 series (3745), has configured him, has kept a configuration, has kept the project, has stopped it (or left the program). But next time, when I opened the project, the router was loaded with a «pure» configuration.
Looking on the Internet for the decision of this problem I found a variant. But the information is on different sources and I decided to collect it in a single whole.
If you interested, welcome…

So, start GNS3 and add a router 3700 series:

Run him (Click green triangle). Then we go to router by console and do some little adjustment. Later we will check our configuration restoration:

Let's remember a router name and IP – address, which we have configured previously. Save our configuration, close console and save project.
After saving a project, in «Console» window, you will see a message about process of saving configuration in local folder:

Now, you must stop our router («Stop») and again start («Start») (or, if you want, close and open the program). When router was started, again go to him by console. And what we see:

We see that our configuration was lost and have been loaded "pure" configuration :).
Then we do: on questions we answer «no», and then enter commands:
  • Router>en
    Router#copy running-config startup-config
    Destination filename [startup-config]?
    Building configuration...
After that, without saving project, we go to bookmark «Import/Export Startup Configs» (on top menu GNS3), choose «Importing from directory» and then click «OK»:

Select folder with our configuration and click «OK». In «Console» window you must see a message:

Come back to our router and enter a command:
  • Router#copy startup-config running-config
And right after this we see that OUR configuration was loaded. Let’s look «running-config»:

All works. One moment, these actions you must do with every «Stop/Start» of routers of 3700 series. I not saw this problem with other devices.
On this step, I want to finish my post. Thanks for attention, I hope, you have received for yourselves the helpful information.

If you have a questions or comments, then do not be afraid to write me!!!! This is my contact information. I will pleased to answer!!!!

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  2. I code not find my all configuration in switch and router even after make sure I saved mu all configure